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Getting A Fantastic Deal On Sterling Silver Jewellery In Bangkok

When you visit Bangkok, you can enjoy fantastic shopping, with many designer fashion brands having boutique stores in the city. It is also an excellent destination to purchase high-quality silver jewellery, as Bangkok is a global trading centre for finished jewellery and polished gems. Whether you are looking to buy silver rings, silver necklaces, or sterling silver bangle bracelets, wholesale prices are possible if you know what you are doing. Below are some tips to help you get the best price possible for the silver jewellery you want to buy so you can get some fantastic deals in Bangkok.

Avoid The Bigger Jewellery Stores

To get the best deal possible on the silver jewellery you want to buy, you will want to avoid larger chain stores selling jewellery and look for smaller independent ones. There are many independent jewellery stores throughout Bangkok, and many of them make the jewellery themselves by hand, so you can rest assured it is of high-quality. You will want to look at as many shops as possible to ensure you find the perfect jewellery for your tastes that you love.

Take Your Passport Shopping With You

You will want to ensure that when you go shopping for silver jewellery in Bangkok, you take your passport with you, which can give you a saving on your purchase. Many retailers are members of the VAT Refund for Tourists Scheme, meaning you can purchase items without paying the 7% VAT. However, retailers need to pay to become members for this service, so not all of them are, but you can still take advantage of this by ensuring you have a receipt, and you can claim the VAT back at the airport. You can click here to learn more about this and how to claim at the airport, which is simple and will not take too long.

Do Not Forget To Haggle

You will also need to remember to haggle before making a purchase, as this can also help you save money and ensure your purchase is a fantastic bargain. You can negotiate on the price of many things when shopping in Bangkok, and the smaller independent jewellery stores are much more likely to offer you a discount, especially when purchasing multiple items. Always let the vendor start the process and when you make a counteroffer, ensure it is not too low as this can offend them. However, if you are happy with the price they offer, there is no need to haggle if you do not want to.

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